Patsy Kensit

I first interviewed Patsy when she was just 17 and lead singer in the band Eighth Wonder. At the time she told me she wanted to be ‘more famous than anyone’ and she has certainly made her name as an actress both in Holby and Emmerdale, and more recently as Bobby Moore’s mother-in-law in the ITV drama Tina and Bobby. She is lovely to talk to without a hint of starry behaviour.

Marian Keyes

One of the funniest people I’ve ever interviewed is the novelist Marian Keyes. When I first started interviewing celebs most of our chats were either face to face in a hotel or at their homes. These days more than 50 percent are done on the phone. So sadly, I’ve yet to meet her in person. This was my interview for S Magazine.

Amanda Redman

I’ve interviewed Amanda many times. She always gives a great interview, but is a very strong woman who won’t suffer fools. One of the most important things when you interview a celebrity is to do your research and plan your questions. There is nothing worse than wasting time in your interview by asking the basics such as how many children do you have and what are their names!

HELLO! Michael Flatley

One of the most incredible homes I've ever been invited into is Castlehyde, the stunning 18th century stately home in Cork set in 150 acres of pasture and woodland owned by Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley. I spent the day there with the word's highest-paid dancer and his wife Niamh as they took me around the house with it's 20-seat cinema, three-storey library with 3000 books, and two climate-controlled wine cellars as well as countless reception rooms full of antiques, crystal chandeliers and paintings.